To all Students of Alden High School:

                     Alden Community Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars 

        will be requesting Students applying for Scholarships to use the online application process.

  • Applicatons for the 2016 Scholarship Awards will begin to be accepted on February 12, 2016
  • Upon creating your Student Profile, Scholarships will be open to you as a potential Graduate of the Alden Central High School District, enrolled with and attending the Alden High School Campus, and meeting the specific Criteria of the Scholarship(s) for which you have applied through the Alden Community Scholarship Foundation;
  • You will also have the opportunity to search for Scholarships that are available nationally through Scholarship America.

Application Instructions can be viewed through this link


  • Your Student Profile must be completed and submitted by March 30, 2016.


STUDENTS:  Please select the "Click to Login" Button below to create your Student Profile.

PARENTS:     Please select the same "Click to Login" Button to log into the ChapterNet Student Dashboard.

STUDENT NOTE:  If you receive a Scholarship Award at Commencement, you will need to return to your Profile and select "Accept" to complete the Scholarship Application process.

Once you have completed this last step, you will receive your Scholarship Award Check, made payable to the admitting College, and sent to your home address, listed within your Profile.

Questions?  Please contact via email