2021 Scholarship Applications Being Accepted

All Graduating seniors should have been provided information at the senior meeting prior to February break. If a student did not attend this meeting, they are still eligible to apply for scholarships. These students should see their guidance counselor to obtain any pertinent information. Questions regarding any new scholarships or donations can be directed to the scholarship foundation contact in the Chapter Contact information.

All Seniors are eligible to apply for these scholarships. This process is done online using the link below. Information for creating a student profile can be found here. Scholarships will be accepted through March 31st, 2021.

Student Note: If you are awarded a scholarship, after you are informed you must log into your student profile and accept your award or you will not be awarded it. Once you have completed this last step, you will receive your Scholarship Award Check, made payable to the admitting College, and sent to your home address, listed within your Profile.